Privacy policy

We at Notisum appreciate your visit to our website.

Notisum wants to have a safe and transparent data protection policy.

We process your data according to the highest standards of the general data protection regulation based on the following principles:

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Privacy Policy

Personal data controller
Notisum is responsible for the personal data that Notisum collects and processes when you use our services. Notisum processes your personal data when it is necessary to provide our services to you as a user.

If you have questions, comments or want to exercise any of the rights you have under the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are welcome to contact us by email

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make significant changes, we will notify you via our services or otherwise, so you have the opportunity to review the changes before they take effect. In case you do not accept the changes, you can close your account. Your continued use of our services after we have published or notified you of our changes to this policy constitutes your acceptance of the updated Data Protection Policy.

1. The personal data we collect
1.1 Personal information that you provide Notisum
You provide us with information to create an account with us.

When you create a user profile in our on-line services / digital services, you provide a number of personal information about you, such as name, e-mail address and password.

Professional areas of interest
You have the opportunity to choose which professional topics you are interested in.

1.2 Personal information provided by your employer Notisum
In connection with your employer purchasing a paid service for you that you can use in your work, we can process personal data about you.

An employer (or other physical or legal person who purchases services for your use) may provide us with personal information about you as an employee or subcontractor who uses these services. We can thus take part in information about e.g., your work area, your title and the IP address from which you are expected to use the service.

1.3 Use of the services
We log your visits and your use of our services.

We log user data when you visit our websites or otherwise use our services, including app and other platform technology, e.g., when you read or click on a document or perform a search. We use logins, cookies, device information and IP addresses to identify you and log your use of our services.

1.4 Cookies and other similar technology
We collect information using cookies and other similar technology.

We collect information using cookies and other similar technology.
"Cookies" are used on our website and in our online services. "Cookies" are small text files stored on the visitor's computer and which, among other things, save personal settings and make it possible to follow what the visitor does on the website. There are two different types of "cookies". One is "session cookies" used while the visitor is active on the website. These cookies are only temporarily stored in the visitor's computer's working memory and are automatically deleted when the visitor closes their browser. The other is "persistent cookies" which are used to tell the visitor what has happened on the website since he last visited the website and to recognize returning users and remember what information has previously been provided.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you do not want cookies to be stored in your computer, you can set your browser so that it notifies you when it receives a cookie. Then you can decide for yourself whether you should receive it or not. In order for our website and online services to function optimally, we recommend that you accept cookies.

1.5 Your device
We receive information from your device and network.

When you visit or leave our services (including our plugins or cookies or similar technology on other websites), we receive information about the URL of both the website you came from and the website you continue to. We also receive information about your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser and extensions, the device's ID and functions and / or internet provider.

1.6 Other
We are constantly improving our services, which means that we continuously receive new information and create new areas of use for the information.

Our services are dynamic, and we often launch new features, which can involve collecting new information about you. When we collect new personal information or use your personal information for other purposes, we will notify you and, if applicable, also update this Privacy Policy.


2. How we process personal data
We use your personal information to provide, support, adapt and develop our services.

How we use your personal information depends on which services you use and how you use these services. We use information about you to provide, maintain and adapt our services and make them available in a way that is relevant and useful to you.

2.1 Services
Access to our services.

We use your login information to confirm your identity and give you access to our services.

2.2 Communication
We can communicate with you via e-mail, e.g., about the range of services, security or other similar communication about our services and your use of our services. This may include emails about how you can use the services, updates and reminders. You can always change your communication choices. Please note that you cannot opt ​​out of service notices from us, including safety and legal notices.

2.3 Marketing
We market our services to you and others.

We use personal information about the user to send invitations and communicate about our services, in order to promote them. Information about the range of services or new content in the products you have access to is sent to you when it is relevant to your use of our services.

2.4 Surveys
We conduct surveys.

We and other companies conduct surveys through our services. You are not obliged to respond to surveys, and you have the opportunity to review the information you provide. You can also opt out of survey invitations.

2.5 Customer service
We use personal information to help you solve problems.

We use data (which may include your communication with us) that is necessary to investigate, respond to and deal with complaints and service problems (e.g., errors).

2.6 Statistics
We use personal data to generate datasets.

We use your personal data to produce aggregate datasets, where it is no longer possible to identify you. For example, we may use your information to generate statistics about our users, their profession or industry, the number of ad impressions delivered or clicked on, or to generate a demographic distribution of visitors to one of our websites.

2.7 Safety and investigations
We use personal data for investigations, security and to prevent fraud.

We use your information (including your communication with us) if we deem it necessary for security reasons or to investigate any fraud or other breaches of our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy and / or attempts to harm our members or visitors.

3. How we share personal information with third parties
3.1 Our services
Your profile is visible to your employer

Your profile is visible to your employer. We give your employer access to information about how you use the service available for your work and other related information. The information may refer to the products and features you use and how often you use them.

3.2 Archiving of communications
Customer service

Your e-mail communication with Notisum's customer service is archived for any future complaints from you or your employer.

3.3. Service providers
We may use other parties to help us with our services.

We use suppliers to perform maintenance of our systems, data analysis, auditing, payments, anti-fraud, marketing and development. These providers have access to your personal information to the extent necessary to carry out this information on our behalf and are obliged not to disclose or use the information for any other purpose.

3.4 Legal obligations
We may be required to share your personal information when we are legally obliged to do so, or if required to protect you, your security and your rights.

We may need to share your personal information when required by law, court or other legal process or if we have a presumption that it is necessary to disclose the information in order to (1) investigate, prevent or take action in case of suspicion or detection of illegal activities or to assist public authorities; (2) fulfill our agreements with you; (3) protect the security and / or integrity of our services. We will notify our users of the legal requirement for the sharing of their personal data, unless we are legally prevented from doing so.

3.5 Change of ownership or sale
We may share your personal information if our company is sold, whereby the personal information will continue to be processed in accordance with this Data Protection Policy.

We may also share your personal information as part of a sale, merger or change of ownership structure or preparation for such change. Another organization that buys us or part of our business has the right to continue to use your personal data, but only in a manner that complies with this Data Protection Policy, unless you are informed otherwise.

4. Storage times for personal data
4.1. Storage of personal data
We retain most of your personal information, as long as your account is active.

We store personal information that you have provided to Notisum in connection with the use of our services. In accordance with our user agreement, we will retain your information for up to 2 years after the end of the cooperation. However, we will not retain your personal information for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

4.2 Closing an account
We retain some of your personal information even after you have closed your account with us.

We retain your personal information after you close your account if necessary to fulfill our legal obligations (including at the request of the authorities), to comply with laws and regulations, to establish, assert or defend legal claims, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse, fulfill our user agreements or at your request that we continue to communicate with you.

5. Your rights
5.1 Right to access and control of your personal data
You can access or delete your personal information.

You have the right to access your personal data, which means that you have the right to receive confirmation of whether personal data concerning you is processed and, if so, also to have access to the personal data (so-called register extracts) and certain additional information about the processing.

In some cases, you also have the right to take part of your personal data in a structured, publicly accessible and machine-readable format and to have the data transferred from Notisum to another personal data controller (so-called data portability) without hindrance.

Furthermore, you always have the right to correct your personal information if it is incorrect or incomplete. In some cases, you have the right to oppose Notisum's processing of your personal data and to request correction or deletion of your personal data.

If you have given special consent to certain treatment, you always have the right to revoke your consent.

When treatment takes place with the support of so-called balancing of interests, you have the right to object to the treatment at any time.

You have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data relating to direct marketing. Then the personal data will no longer be processed for such purposes.

You have the right to have your information limited if you, among other things. disputes the accuracy of the information, or if you objected to the processing as above, in both cases during the time we are investigating and checking your request.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact [see section 6.4 Contact details] with your request.

If you have a complaint regarding Notisum's processing of your personal data, you have the opportunity to contact the the European Data Protection Board, EDPB.

Please note that we will not be able to offer our services if we are not allowed to process the information described in section 2.

6. Other important information
6.1. Security
We monitor and try to prevent security issues. You should use the security features available in our services.

Security measures
Notisum has implemented technical and organizational security measures that protect your personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration. These measures also protect your personal data from unauthorized disclosure, disclosure, misuse or other processing that is contrary to applicable law.

We regularly monitor our systems to identify possible vulnerabilities and possible attacks. However, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you send to us.

There is no guarantee that personal data will be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction despite our physical, technical and administrative security measures taken.

6.2 Legal basis for the processing of personal data
Processing of your personal data takes place for the purpose of fulfilling the User Agreement and to fulfill Notisum's legitimate interests.

Notisum processes personal data that you and / or your employer have provided to Notisum (see sections 1.1 and 1.2) in order to fulfill the User Agreement.

Notisum processes the personal data generated through your use of our services and data collected via cookies and from your device (see sections 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5) with the support of balancing interests as a legal basis, as our interests in processing your personal data outweigh your interests that we do not process your personal data. Our legitimate interests are processing for business purposes, marketing, IT security, communication and development.

6.3 Transfer of personal data outside the EU / EEA
We store and use your personal data in Sweden and in the EU / EEA. We do not transfer your data outside Sweden and the EU / EEA.

Notisum does not transfer your information outside Sweden and the EU / EEA. Our suppliers will have access to your personal data as described in section 3.3.

6.4 Contact information
If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding this policy, please contact us at