As an ISO certified company, it can feel heavy to navigate your way through the jungle of updates and new legislation. In Notisum you can be sure that you do not miss important changes and to stay compliant will be fast, easy and convenient.

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With Notisum, you can monitor all EU regulations and directives, Scandinavian laws and regulations (depending on subscription type), government regulations and municipal regulations. When a document is changed, you get an email with the latest update and a summary of what the change means.

Example legal register

Do not yet have a legal register? Start with one of our example lists and customize it to suit your operations. We have example legal registers for health & safety, waste, property, personnel, health care, food and more.


Customized legal registers. Notisum summarizes the most important documents and comments changes. The system's built-in features such as the legal compliance check and confirmation of changes make your legal monitoring less burdensome.

Legal compliance check

In Notisum you can easily do legal compliance checks on your legal registers. You decide if these checks should be made by a single administrator or whether they should be sent out to several different managers and departments responsible for specific areas.

Notisum is the market leader

Legal compliance does not need to be complicated and time consuming. It can actually be fun and motivating.

Notisum provides an Internet service specifically designed for ISO-certified companies and organizations. Our system will help you monitor the Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and European Union law, focusing on the requirements for legal compliance, law monitoring and compiling a legal register as imposed by the ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

We offer an unbeatable monitored information content and a very flexible platform that can be adapted to your needs.

To facilitate the ongoing legal monitoring, our lawyers comment all laws in the areas of environmental and occupational health and also regularly comment changes. You can thus quickly see if a change affects your organization or not. If it does not, you can easily acknowledge your change and do not need to spend more time on it. When there are changes that affect you, we have various built-in features to facilitate the management of them.

You will get a summary comment that makes it easier for you to write your own comments about how a particular change affects your business. You can also send the information on to the relevant departments or ask your department heads how they plan to comply. This will ensure that all important information will be forwarded to the relevant parties, and all the records are stored in the system.

Do you want to see the history of the changes, it is easy to go back and see all changes in a specific time interval.

You can not possibly miss a change when the system clearly marks in red a document that has changed. Not until you actively acknowledge, the red mark is removed.

Our platform is designed so that you can gather all legal monitoring in one place. You can either be one or more users working together. We have companies with one user and other businesses where several hundred employees are involved in the compliance work. Notisum is fully customizable to your requirements.

When an annual compliance check is performed, it can be done either by an account administrator or be distributed in a decentralized manner where various executives and managers carry out the compliance checks by themselves.

Try already today how simple and easy it can be with you legal compliance work. We help you from start and our friendly customer service is always there to support you.

We need a tool to internally identify, access and monitor our binding requirements. Notisum is the application that meets all our requirements.

Mikael Johansson
Quality Engineer, OKG Aktiebolag

Notisums legal monitoring tools help us get a brief summary that will facilitate our lagbevakare to determine if a change affects our business or not.

Karin Lundberg
Environmental Manager, SSAB in Luleå

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