Compliance Control

In Notisum you can implement legislative Compliance Check of all the laws that you're with us. As an administrator, you can start it for yourself or for others in the company.

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In Notisum there is a built-in module so that you can implement legislative compliance checks on your own lawlists. This is developed based on the requirements of companies that are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


You choose the documents to be in compliance with the law, and then respond to questions about compliance. Well clear generate earnings reports and deviations recorded for your follow-up work.


Compliance with the inspection can be carried out by the person responsible for the team chart. As an administrator, you can also select a number of employees and managers in your organization to implement all or part of the check.


For most businesses, the check usually once or twice a year, but it is completely up to you to determine the frequency. If there are many participants, it may take a little longer than any discrepancies to be rectified.


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Compliance Control

As a part out of your ISO's work do you perform regular legislative Compliance Checks (we call it CC). These are usually one to two times a year. The work you regularly perform throughout the year is a great help when you are going to carry out your legislative compliance checks where the information from your laglistor transferred to the questionnaire in your CC.

In our system, a play performed in all the documents that you're here at the same time. You can also choose to split up so that checks are carried out in batches.

You may want to s environmental manager together with quality control coordinator carries out your laws and requirements of the environment while working manager with safety to perform the verification of the laws, regulations and requirements affecting the work environment. In Notisum it is easy to divide the responsibility and still have the ability to get aggregate reports when all employees are clear.

We have a built-in feature that automatically creates a questionnaire on the documents you choose from your list. When CC is started, all involved receives an e-mail about this. In an overview of the main account, the main administrator abreast of how things are proceeding for the different users responsible for carrying out the checks.

When all legal compliance checks are finished, to save answers in great-looking reports. These reports can then be shown at the example s audit or management review. If you have differences, they will also be evident in a separate report. Deviations need to be addressed and our system gives you the opportunity to receive reminders when these deviations should be remedied. When all deviations are off closed control.

All legal compliance controls are static documents that are stored in an archive so that you can always go back and see how your list of laws looked at a particular time and what the outcome was of you CC. If you wish, these can also be saved as PDF.


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