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Notisum is a flexible and customizable system that keeps you up to date on health & safety legislation. Our system facilitates your legal compliance and makes sure you do not miss important news and changes in health & safety law. Try it yourself or read more further down.

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Subject focus Health & safety

A special topic focus in which all documents in local European Union health & safety legislation is gathered in one place, all to make it easy and convenient.

Example legal register

Based on our example legal register for the health & safety to get started. Do you have your own list of laws that are not updated? Easily compare it against our standard list to see if you missed something.

All documents

In Notisum you will find all EU regulations, EU directives, national laws and regulations, government regulations, local regulations. You can also reference to your own documents.

Legal compliance control

A special module in our legal compliance service, based on the requirements of ISO 14001. You decide if these checks should be carried by one or several parties.

Health & safety - ISO 45001

The new ISO 45001 management system harmonizes the work of ISO system for quality and environment. According to ISO 45001 all certified companies must have a legal register of applicable health & safety legislation and must also include binding requirements. Notisum is used by both large group companies and small businesses with only a few employees. Any organization, regardless of size, need to keep themselves updated on law changes.

The advantage of having your Health & Safety list in Notisum is that you can combine the monitoring of all relevant legislation and you can also reference to other binding obligations you have undertaken to fulfill.

In Notisum we help you to prepare your account and Health & Safety legal register so that it reflects your needs. By telling us how you work today, who is responsible and what your wishes are, we can help you with structuring your account and legal registersto fit your business. Maybe the production manager need updates on all the laws and requirements while the staff manager only needs to see the laws, regulations and requirements affecting internal operations. This way you can give different people different levels of access to the system, making legal monitoring much simpler and more transparent.

Notisum has commented EU law, all national laws and regulations within health & safety. When a document in your legal register is modified, either because there has been a change or if a replacement document is published, the system sends an email to the parties of your choice.

In these change e-mails you will find a comment from us at Notisum that briefly describes the essence of the amendment, so that you can decide whether and how you are affected. That way, you will not miss any important change and you do not have to read through complicated and difficult legal documents every time there is a new change.

To make it easier to find new legislation within health & safety, we have also gathered all the related documents within a health & safety focus. As a subscriber to Notisum you can also get an information newsletter of new laws so you can be sure your legal registers are kept updated with all the laws and requirements you need to monitor.

We also have compiled an example Health & Safety legal register to use as a start if you do not already have your own legal register in the health & safety area. To this list you can easily add other legislation and remove what you do not think applies to your processes. Our example lists can also be used to compare against your own legal register, to see if something important is missing.

We regularly hold webinars so that you are kept up to date on what is happening in the world around you. We adapt the subjects for what's on at the moment.

Notisum is built for you yourselves to be able to administer your account, but when you need us, you always have access to our free support.

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OKG Aktiebolag is a nuclear power plant that produces electricity. Our business is the clear requirement set, we possess several nuclear state and receives certificates. Overall, we need a tool to our current operations to identify, access and monitor our binding requirements, we also need implement and present our self-assessment of the performance of our compliance requirements. Notisum is the application that meets all of our requirements and also gives webinar with detailed information on changing requirements images.

Mikael Johansson
Quality Engineer, OKG Aktiebolag