Environmental legal registers with updates and summaries

Notisum is a flexible and customizable system that keeps you up to date on environmental legislation. Our system facilitates your legal compliance and makes sure you do not miss important news and changes in environment law. Try it yourself or read more further down.

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Subject focus Environment

A special topic focus in which all documents in local European Union environmental legislation is gathered in one place, all to make it easy and convenient.

Example legal register

Based on our example legal register for the environment to get started. Do you have your own list of laws that are not updated? Easily compare it against our standard list to see if you missed something.

All documents

In Notisum you will find all EU regulations, EU directives, national laws and regulations, government regulations, local regulations. You can also reference to your own documents.

Legal compliance check

A special module in our legal compliance service, based on the requirements of ISO 14001. You decide if these checks should be carried by one or several parties.

Environment - ISO 14001

All companies that are ISO 14001 certified need to have a legal register with the laws, regulations and requirements relevant to their business.

The legal register can be a summary in Word, Excel or, as so many other companies do, keeping an always updated legal register in Notisum.

To have your legal monitoring in Notisum saves time and resources as you get access to all legislation in one place, commented by Notisum on an ongoing basis. You also make sure you never miss anything important.

Each week, an email is sent to administrators, summarizing all changes to the documents in your legal registers. These changes are clearly visible in the legal register when you log in to your account. By using Notisum's comment to a change, you can quickly determine whether and how you are affected.

A legal register in Notisum can contain an unlimited number of documents and up to eight custom columns where you can have text and links to your internal process documents. You can also add other mandatory requirements that you have undertaken to fulfill. It is easy to group and sort your documents in Notisum, so that even a large and comprehensive environmental legal register is easy to handle.

In Notisum you can perform legal compliance checks, presented in structured reports. The system is flexible and allows for many different organizational models. The main administrator can decide who should perform them compliance checks and when. Comprehensive reporting features facilitate the process.

At most companies, many different people are involved in and share the responsibility for legal compliance. In Notisum you can set your legal registers so that different people only access their relevant parts. The personnel manager does not need to see the same environmental laws and requirements that the director of production does. This saves you time when employees do not have to sift through the legislation to find exactly what they should consider. In this way, even legal compliance checks are easier to handle since they contain only the relevant laws and requirements for the person performing the compliance check.

Notisum is full of helpful features included in your subscription. Below you can see some of the features:

  • Subject Focus:
    Everything related to environmental law are gathered in one place.
  • Example legal registers:
    When did you last revise the content of the legal register? Does the list contain all relevant laws? In Notisum you can make a comparison of your environmental legal register to our example list for Environment, to see if you have missed something important. If you have no environmental legal register today, you can start directly from our example list and then customize it for your business.
  • News:
    You will get regular updates on changes that occur in the document you have in your legal register. You also need to keep you updated on any new developments in the field of environment. By subscribing to the news on environment law, you will find completely new legislation in this area that you may want to include in your legal registers.
  • Webinars:
    We regularly hold webinars so that you are kept up to date on what is happening in the world around you. We adapt the subjects for what's on at the moment.

Notisum is built for you yourselves to be able to administer your account, but when you need us, you always have access to our free support.

Join over 2,000 other companies in Sweden, have your legal registers in Notisum, with all applicable legal requirements.

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OKG Aktiebolag is a nuclear power plant producing electricity. Our business is driven by requirements. We have several nuclear operation permissions and certificates. Overall, we need a tool to our current operations to identify, access and monitor our requirement obligations. We also need to implement and our self-assessment of the performance of our compliance requirements. Notisum is the application that meets all of our requirements and also gives webinars with detailed information on changing requirements.

Mikael Johansson
Quality Engineer, OKG Aktiebolag